Facts of Myanmar

January 16, 2019

GeneralGeneral information:


1.  Overview:


Country Information – general overview

- Min/max temperatures zero degree to 46 degree

- Weather – winter ( Oct to Feb), rainy season  (July, August, September), Summer – (30to 45 degree) March, April, May

-Much of the country lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator

- Oct – Feb (best time to travel)Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake region,


Pre-departure checklist

-Have enough US$ for the trip

-Mosquito spray

-Clothes for different weather

-Medicines for emergency

Main language spoken


Time difference

GMT +6:30 hours

9004.1 Kilometers / 4858.6 Nautical Miles
Approximate indirect flight via Thailand or Singapore duration time from London, UK to Yangon, Myanmar is 11 hrs, 37 mins

International dialling codes

To call Myanmar dial 95 then area code(dropping the 0) followed by the number

Public telephones – available mainly for local calls only

Phone cards – 50US$ cards are available at most of the mobile shops(ask your guide)

*International mobile network is not working here

Public holidays/ Festivals


Mainly Water festival for Myanmar new year- Almost all the restaurants are closed for the 5 days period



Itinerary is subject to change depending on availability of flights, hotels, cars, etc

i.e. Where overnight stays are necessary due to onward journey restrictions

Internal  flight baggage allowances

15kg per person






2. Survival Guide:


Airport arrival information

Airport entrance, Information counter or have the phone number of  the company (95-1-211212, 211622)

If  making own way to resort  (general information/options available/mileage)

- There are taxis available at most of the airport

- Rare to find Mileage taxi in Myanmar



-          currency

-          credit card usage

-          current rate of exchange

-          travellers cheques recommended : sterling or US$

-          Banks


- Kyats

- Widely not available

- 800 Kyats = 1 US$ or

- Not acceped

Recommended – Bring US$ Cash in new bank notes


-          Only local banks that do not handle any foreign currency

-          9am to 5 pm (Mon – Fri) is official opening hours

-          Shops open from 8am to 8pm generally

-          No night life except in Yangon

-          English is widely spoken in the cities

-     Banks do not operate for money changing/ -  -     Money changers are still not official, so better change money through your guide

Is it possible to obtain local currency before entering the country?

It may not be available in UK but in Thailand

Local customs/local etiquette

- Dont's raise political questions in inappropriate situations in destination

- Do not point anything with your feet that is really insulting to locals

- Take off shoes and socks in pagodas, temples and monestries

Tipping etiquette

Widely used to tipping in the Tourism areas


Bargaining is a way of life here

Useful words & phrases

Hello – Min Ga Lar Bar

How are you? – Nay Kaung Lar

Thank You – Kye Zu Be

Yes – Hote Ke/ Hote The

No – Ma Hote Hpu

How Much – Bae lauk le

Bus – Bus Kar

Train – Mee Ye Htar

Hotel – Hotel


1 – Tit

2 – Nit

3 – Thone

4 – Lay

5 – Ngar

6 – Kyaut

7 – Khon

8 – Shit

9 – Koe

10 – Ta  Se


Dress code

gentlemen need to wear long trousers in Main Temples

Ladies need to wear long sleeves and long trousers (no mini skirts and blouses) in Main Temples and Monasteries

Electrical supply 


Standard Voltage - 220 watt

 mainly two pins but three pins is available in Hotels


 disposable nappies, Milk powders are available at the shopping centres


Mosquitoes in the whole country

Monkeys in Mount Popa and Pho Win Hill


Security issues

Safety Advice – it is safe to walk around

Crime/pickpockets- very rare

Scams/rip-offs- very unusual


Smoking policy

Smoking is allowed in most of the area unless otherwise written not to.






3. Getting around:


General travel

Distances 280 Km – 6 & half hours

Public transportation- available but usually not in the right time

Types of transport that may be supplied (any peculiarities)

Horse cart, small boats

How to get around the destination (public transport/warnings/tips etc)

taxi - general costs – 6000 Kyats per hours,

 type of taxi to be used – small taxis to mini vans taxis

Recommended use of local buses- not recommended unless guided by someone local


Self drive – driving tips

 Not recommended!


4. Beach Life:


Guide to resort beaches

Quiet, lively, picturesque

Safe for swimming

-Swimming is at your risk as there are no life guards around but water is pretty preditable

-Tides in different seasons



5. Retail Therapy:



Shop hours for all – 8am to 8 pm

Souvenir/Curio markets

Local specialities to buy – recommendations.

Yangon – Gems studded paintings

Mandalay – Tapestries, marionettes, wood carvings, marble carvings, rubies and gems

Bagan – lacquer ware

Inle – lotus clothes, silverwares


Bottled water – 500 Kyats

 Available in Yangon and Mandalay


Chemists/pharmacies are available in all cities


Customs regulations, see



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