Top ten reasons to travel to Myanmar

January 16, 2019

(1) To experience a thousand years old history intertwined with rich culture


      Times of many Kingdoms in Myanmar left a legacy of building religious monuments that marked the different periods of history and cultural diversities of different ethnics. Many a place in Myanmar, historic remains rich with craftsmanship and artistic mural drawings tend to highlight the cultural influences. The depth and quality of the Myanmar culture and how Myanmar people have preserved in tact the unique style of Theravada Buddhism with its own local idiosyncrasies are truly stunning point of many visitors in the country. Myanmar is known to many as a rich cultural destination.

(2) To get in touch with most hospitable people

     The Burmese/Myanmar are reputed to be one of the most hospitable people in the world. Most of the visitors are touched by hearty smiles that never cease to wear by locals. Anywhere in the country, even impromptu visitors, not only foreigners but also locals, are always welcomed by smiles and friendly gestures and offered whatever (such as green tea, palm candy, ‘laphet’ (preserved tea leaves salad)) is available at their house. If anyone happens long enough to stay with locals at their houses and exchange views over a cup of tea, decent time would descend on the household replete with food and a sense of hospitality well discharged.


(3) To relief stress with monotonous lifestyle


     Off the city limit a mile away anywhere in Myanmar, there is a stunning stillness that prevail the lifestyle of locals in Myanmar. As the world grows more hectic daily routine, unavoidable stress accompany the deadlines and definitely Myanmar is the ideal country that can relief any stress and strains of life.


(4) To gain insightful knowledge of peaceful religion ‘Buddhism’ and ‘Nat’ worship


     Predominantly Buddhist philosophy of acceptance of the status and life ruled in Myanmar as Buddhism is the main religion of 85% of the population. Apart from that, the strain of Theravada Buddhism that has evolved in this country at least as practiced by the local lay people is an interesting blend of folk religion homogenized under the general banner of Buddhism; the visitor is left with an impression of deity worship including the everywhere reverence to the local Nat spirits. This is a real contrast to the famous non-theistic style ‘Vipassana’ meditation teaching schools that Burma is famous for.


(5) To explore sights which are sometimes referred to as hidden wonders of the world such as Shwedagon, Bagan

     Myanmar’s strong religious foundation and royal past has left us with grand forts, temples and palace that make this country very rich in architectural wonders. Monuments like Shwedagon Pagoda, Ananda temple are architectural delights that attract tourists from around the world. Elegant domes, white marble, intricate carved screens on woods and marvellous engravings make it one of the hidden Wonders of the World. Myanmar’s diverse destinations evoke different impressions such as architectural appreciation in Bagan with remains from a thousand years ago, traces of the last kingdom, religion, arts and crafts in Mandalay, charming lifestyle of leg rowers in Inle lake and interesting ethnicity in Shan state, world wonder Shwedagon plus shopping options in Yangon and many other possibilities.


(6) Spectacular scenery


     Myanmar is full of scenic landscapes, rivers, valleys and picturesque lakes. Whether you choose to holiday in Shan valley or hill stations like Kalaw and Pyin Oo Lwin/Maymyo or even sacred cities like Bagan on the dry plain, your holiday is going to be a worth experience. If you are sailing your own boat on the river Irrawaddy, your options are unlimited. You may go ashore to learn villager’s lifestyle or may sit still on the boat when it passes by villages and feel the places where time stand still.


(7) Hearty smiles that invite and connect spiritual inside

      Needless to say, if fun and frolic is not the primary reason for a holiday, Myanmar understands well. With the traditional charming smiles, the Burmese salutes you and invites you to connect with your spiritual inside. We believe we have met somewhere in the cycle of rebirth called ‘Samsara’. The influence of religion ensures the land where spirituality is seamlessly woven into all aspects, from food to fixing a wedding date. Even for a holiday here are chances to devote entirely to pilgrimage centers; the variety is mind boggling meditation centre.


 (8) To be enticed with world most treasured arts & crafts and minerals such as rubies and silver

     Burma/Myanmar is known to many as the land of priceless worth rubies, sapphires and jades. Arts and crafts of Myanmar are also truly unique in style and quality. One may never forgets the visit to the Lacquer ware factories in Bagan, wood craft, bronze casting and many other crafts in Mandalay.


(9) To experience fair & festivals 


     Myanmar is famous for festivals and fun fairs. As it has comprised rich and diverse cultural heritage, there are festivals all the year round. Most famous water festival for Myanmar New Year comes around 13th of April. Every full moon day is attached to festivals whereas every pagoda in the country has its own designated festival. There are also festivals like Nat (spirit) festivals, balloons festivals, Lenten festivals, lighting festivals, weaving festivals and so on. Some of them are very famous and attended by tens of thousands of locals. It is definitely a worthwhile experience to visit one of them.


(10) To have a taste of age-old lifestyle shielded for decades from the western eyes


     Myanmar/ Burma may appear unsettled in its politics, but once you are inside the country, things are definitely very calm. Myanmar has been forgotten for many decades from the world traveller’s list probably because of the political reason which has just turned another page now. It is probably least visited among its neighbours and remained untouched for many decades while its life style has changed little. It definitely has less westernized quality than many of its neighbours. Visitors are always amazed by the simple lifestyle of Myanmar people that may date back to many decades or centuries in their own country.

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