Our company is completely owned by local experts who are passionate, well-experienced, and have been in tourism for some decades in Myanmar. With their expertise and experiences built on the awareness of the needs of significant individuals, we carefully craft our tour programs. Unlike any other, our bespoke programs are for unique individuals because we simply want your trip to be everything you want it to be.

In true sense of discovery, we will take you on a delightful journey and share the secrets of the places, people, events, authentic foods that you’d never ever be able to find on your own. We have turned the normal trip planning into art form and try to leave you with the delight of the true impression of the country. Day to day, trip to trip, we simply fine tune every craft we made that your experience may not be the same as the last trip made by your friends but BETTER. Most importantly, we leave a room for your-unique-self because we simply want your trip to be everything you want to be. Add up any spice on the program or take out the part you think are 'not your style' and make your trip 'a journey of a life time'.

However, our services are not just limited to rentals, such as individual airplane, boat, car, guide, interpreter, hotels etc., along with carefully considered tour programs for every budget level, we also offer group caterings anywhere such as on the river, at the village, on the farms, at winery, special events and anniversaries. Moreover, we offer unbeatable prices for budget travellers and value for money trips.


We do not just say the word but will deliver the best possible service and knowledge available in Myanmar. We are confident that no one knows better about Myanmar than our compact well experienced local team. However, we do not aim to become the biggest company in a short time but to become the best in our industry. For this reason we ensure that our specialists are equipped with all the tools to craft your individual-style-program. Please, feel free to ask the latest developments in the hidden corner of the country, their best up-to-date travel tips and real highlights.

Our experts offer creative ideas about places to visit, where to stay, and things that are authentically local. We will be extremely happy to go through all the different travel options in order to suit your individual wishes.

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